Lagos state scheme of work for primary schools is very important to know if you are deciding on enrolling your kids in any primary school in Lagos.

The scheme of work is very important in a school because it involves the listing of step by step procedures by which learning takes places.

Different scheme of work is been used by different schools in Nigeria they are been streamlined in a way that suits and fits into NERDC scheme.

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We have discussed the various list of science subjects in Secondary schools do well to check them out.

When enrolling a toddler in a primary school the first line of action is identifying the preferred school of choice but parents also pay keen interest into the kind of school and most importantly the kind of scheme of work a primary school is implementing.

That's why we are discussing the Lagos state scheme of work for primary schools here in this article.

It is well known that primary education is very important and pivotal towards the well being of a student academically. The PRIMARY education prepare and grooms them for the secondary and tertiary level of education. It is the basic and foundational block in building and bringing up students who are ready to take on and go higher in their academic pursuit.

It is no understatement to say that primary education in Nigeria is very important for every student. This is why one who does not have a primary education is almost referred to as an illiterate, this is because it is the minimum form of education one can have in society.


After the independence of Nigeria from the British rule, the masses were of the opinion that the federal government should take over the primary education sector from the British rule. This was because the British were not able to manage and finance the primary education sector properly. They we're not serving the sector to its fullest and the citizens weren't satisfied with that.

In the year 1970 the Nigerian government finally took over the management of the Nigerian educational sector and they were able to manage it to a great extent but it was never enough as the resources were not enough to cater for the system. The oil sector was helping to a great extent in the funding of the educational sector but much was still needed.

In the year 1976, the primary education sector was finally taken over by the Nigerian government and the state and local government were placed uncharge of managing the primary education sector.

The primary education spans for a period of six years after which students proceed to the secondary schools. Pupils are expected to have passed the kindergarten and nursery level before proceeding to the primary level of education.


The Lagos state scheme of work for primary schools is provided with the NERDC( Nigerian educational research and development council). They are responsible for the development of the scheme of work for Nigerian primary schools in Nigeria. This group is formed by academic personnel who have come together to create a centralized form of guideline which the school system should follow in Nigeria.

The goal of NERDC is to improve the quality of education in Nigeria by providing a scheme of work, book and other related services in order to improve the quality of education being that is been inculcated into Nigerian students.

Teachers, students and likewise anybody can view the scheme of work for a primary school in NERDC official website.


The Lagos state scheme of work for primary schools does not differ much from what is obtainable on NERDC website. Like I have said earlier NERDC is the body responsible for the formation of schemes of work for primary schools. So definitely whatever will be obtained will be from the guidelines of nerds.

Teachers, parents and even students can gain access to this scheme by visiting the NERDC official website.

The scheme contains different topics listed according to the subjects that are being taught in primary schools like mathematics, English language, health science, Christian religious studies, French language and so many others.

In a nutshell, this helps to increase the quality of education that is delivered to the Nigerian child and helps improve the country as a whole because education is one of the driving force of development in a nation.



We have discussed the Lagos state scheme of work for primary schools and explain the source of all scheme which is NERDC: a body responsible for ensuring good educational system in Nigeria. And we have also listed and explained a brief history of primary education in Nigeria. It is very important that the scheme of work be given much keen attention because it decides the quality of education the Nigerian child gets.

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